“Move on!” they say.  But you keep looking back. Looking back with your big,sad,blue eyes.

Looking back with tears in your eyes. Tears so cold and misty, falling gently down your cheeks.  Tears, that silently wash away the pain from your soul.  Tears, that wash away the sorrow. Teardrops, that help you to look ahead and continue the path you were destined to walk.

The mates of the soul



The soul mate does exist. Some people cross your path and you feel the shivering vibes crossing your spine. The instant flame of affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and compatibility bursts with a burning flame- out of nowhere. Feels like meeting an old friend or a lost love after decades.

In some mysterious way you know that you have met this person somewhere before and that you have spent a passage of life together. There is something unexplainable that intrigues about this person. Through the deep, warm eyes you see the pain down his soul which appears to be the same as the one down in yours. You feel like sharing  same feelings, thoughts and sentimental vibes.

Plato wrote in The Symposium that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. Zeus, being afraid of their power split them in half, condemned to spend their lives searching for each other to be complete.

I would disagree with Plato as I believe that our souls have several mates. You share a part of life together but the paths split and each one has to continue its own unique way in order to find its place. The clash between two mate souls influences both and none of you will ever remain the same. Just like in scientifical experiments: you mix the right components in the right quantity and outcome will be more complex.

Meeting the parts of ourselves on the path of life makes us complete. Just like a mosaic. You need several pieces of different colors and shapes in order to complete the piece of art. Mosaics are different in size, layout and colors. None of them is unique and for your mosaic in hand, the right pieces need to be found and placed where they belong.

Sometimes you have to split the path with the mate soul. Separation can hit you like a sharp knife in the spine. Tears in your eyes- feeling pain, anger, disappointment, unconditional love. 

Time heals everything, but the memories will stay. Moments shared together will pop into your mind from time to time.

Deep down your conscious there is a strange knowing that sometime in some place you will meet again.

You will stand together beyond the known forms of excistance. Not necessarily next to each other but definitely as a part of the same masterpiece.

There are many people that walk through our lives but only few of them leave footprints in our hearts. These few are the pieces of your mosaic that you need to meet in order to complete The Mosaic of Your Life.


Turn the page



Since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about books. It is fascinating how playing with words can create meaningful thoughts and savour the imaginantion.

I love reading.

Some books stand on my bookself for years, but I know that they belong there and that there will ba a right moment to reveal their beauty. There are books that you can read for 10 times and each time it seems like discovering a new book.

There is something special about librarys. I admire the smell of the old books, the looks of yellowish pages and their charisma. Books have souls. I just feel good wondering around in the temples of knowledge. Questioning how many hands have been passing the pages of literary masterpieces, which thoughts and ideas have been attatched to them.

Sometimes when I feel low I go to the bookstore around the corner to admire the virginity of newborn books.  Just to discover what is out on the exposition, which design do they have been awarded with or what is written on the last page.

Sometimes I just read the back cover and sometimes some paragraphs from the middle of the book. Sometimes I get the crush from the first sight without knowing anything about the piece in hand.

I have been growing up in the belief that one should always finish what she has started. I have been implementing this rule in all aspects of my life -from the university studies to relationships and relationshits.

In the University of Life I have learned that everything is not simply black and white. There is no rule withouth exceptions.  Even the most fascinating book can contain paragraphs and pages which do not appeal interesting.

Should you go through them or turn the page?

What if I skip something important? What if I do not understand the rest of the book? What if..?

Fear for the unknown! Fear for making the wrong decision! Fear for loosing something!

Well sometimes you just need to take the risk and turn the page, to see what is written in the rest of the book.

Trust your intuition!


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